Exceptional Service is our core driver: We found ourselves limited in our past consulting experiences to offer more, go farther than our contractual obligations allowed. As founders of TechnovisSion, we seek to change this status-quo and draw on our full professional depth to deliver the transcending service we know we are capable of.

Our decades of project experience and current solutions engineering capabilities translate to comprehensive cloud-based video surveillance (VSaaS) and network security (NSaaS) services. Our services incorporate our cross-industry expertise to offer robust and cross-spectrum security solutions.

Video Surveillance
as a Service (VSaaS)

The TechnovisSion VSaaS platform delivers powerful video surveillance as a cloud-hosted service. Our service architecture is open and device agnostic, allowing the integration of an existing camera system into the solution.

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Network Security
as a Service (NSaaS)

The TechnovisSion NSaaS platform provides intelligent and cost-effective network surveillance as a cloud-based service. A unified dashboard integrates all IP inventory device-agnostically for full visibility of the network into a single view.

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