NSaaS (Network Surveillance As A Service)

The TechnovisSion NSaaS platform provides intelligent and cost-effective network surveillance as a cloud-based service. The centrally-hosted network health monitor continuously performs real-time health and performance checks on all IP security devices and applications within the neter topology.. Any abnormalities in device behaviour are detected and the alerting system instantly notifies relevant stakeholders.

Irrespective of the device brand, all IP devices are integrated seamlessly into our health monitoring umbrella. A unified dashboard provides detailed visibility of the entire device and application network into a single pane view. Protocols and benchmarks can be set by security operators to trigger the notification/ alert system whenever performance thresholds are breached.

Integration with an automated alert system allows the deployment of quick and reliable resolutions. Powerful network management capabilities of TechnovisSion Network Surveillance service allow many device issues and maintenance activities to be resolved remotely. With device health managed centrally, visits from field service technicians are minimized, saving time and lowering costs.

What you Get

Assets / Inventory Management

Single view dashboard provides a comprehensive view of device and application health of the entire security network.

Configuration Management

Upgrade to sync with your CMDB(configuration management database) , continuously feeding it with fresh data. Works with Any Device i.e. any vendor made DVR, NVR, Cameras

IP Device Online / Offline

Live device status is available on the dashboard. If data flow from a camera during monitoring hours is disrupted or absent, the Pulsematic monitor will detect it.

Camera Integrity

Powerful algorithms compare camera feed periodically to check if the camera is focused on the correct subjects and set at the desired camera & Devise setting.

Recording Device Management

Pulsematic monitors hard disk temperatures, remaining disk capacity, risk of failure, and if hard disk replacement is required for uninterrupted, HD quality video surveillance.

Disk Monitoring for HD Quality

Just not limited to disk recording status, our service shall also report if the recording is not adhered to HD quality of recording.

Unit Risk Management

Risk of disruption of service or data loss is mitigated with device health checks that track for issues such as low memory availability, overheating of devices, and abnormal CPU performance.

Vulnerability Management

VM-tools tracks the disposition of each vulnerability on each host over time. This helps you document the actions taken in response to each vulnerability & monitor the effectiveness of your remediation efforts.

Compliance Management

Upgrade to assess the security and compliance posture of each asset.

L1 & L2 Support IT Support

Relevant stakeholders are notified of device health issues through the alert system. Device issues can also be detected and resolved remotely without involving field technicians as part of L2 support.

Alert Notifications

Alerts are triggered by various media such as emails, push notifications, SMS, and sounded alarms if any device is not functional or predefined performance thresholds are breached.

Scheduled Reports

On-demand and scheduled reports provide security operators with regular status updates on security system health, reports of incidents, and resolution.
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