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Network or connection issues in CCTV setups consistently stand out as the dominant problem with maintaining CCTV surveillance systems. The entire IP network is an intricate system of interconnected hardware and software that requires interdependent devices to function properly for accurate and continuous video recording. Consequently, detecting and analyzing root causes of network issues and their real-time reporting has been a traditional problem while maintaining CCTV surveillance systems.

Network problems pose the potential risk of operational disruptions in your security and even outages of your CCTV security. With video surveillance being only as effective as what it can help prove, loss of video due to network problems can mean the safety of your workforce being compromised, a reputational loss, or collateral damage in the form of inability to prove a crime.

Common network problems faced by CCTV systems:

1. System offline/ LAN issues:

Various parts of the IP network can be offline for different reasons. There can be problems that originate right at the top of the network topology and trickle down one logical/ subnetwork at a time to individual devices.

lan issues

These problems range from:

  • Internet connectivity failure by the internet services provider (ISP).
  • Network issues between Ethernet/ network switches.
  • Issues related to switch maintenance.
  • Connectivity issues between network devices such as network video recorders (NVR), mass-storage devices (NAS/ SAN), and routers.
  • Issues related to the network access of a device, such as IP conflict and MAC filtering.
  • Power-related issues over PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches.

2. Loss of remote access:

Remote viewing of camera feed over a web page interface or on a mobile device is one of the most powerful features of video surveillance. Though it offers wider access and convenience, it is also a feature that suffers from a lack of reliability. A loss of remote access is one of the most widely reported network complaints of integrators and enterprise customers.

No remote access

Remote access can be lost because of:

  • Network configuration issues related to port forwarding, Dynamic DNS (DDNS).
  • Issues related to accessing device footage through VPNs.
  • Issues with the compatibility of mobile devices (on which camera feed is viewed) with the remote access solution.
  • ISP and other internet-related issues.

3. Camera offline/ disconnected:

An IP camera can be disconnected from the network and appear offline even if it isn’t facing component malfunction that hinders it from recording video.

Camera disconnected

Network cameras can be disconnected because of:

  • Connectivity issues between a camera and an NVR.
  • Lack of internet connectivity due to internet outage from an ISP.
  • Network components/ wireless radios failing.
  • Connectivity and power issues with PoE switches.
  • Cameras disconnecting from the network due to IP conflicts/ issues with static IPs.

How can you mitigate network issues in your CCTV system?

To ensure zero system downtime and minimise disruptions due to network issues/ failure, your CCTV surveillance network needs to be monitored in real-time, 24/7 for maintenance and network problems.

Such a network health monitoring system needs to:

Detect I Analyse I Report

  • Detect:
    • Perform real-time monitoring and check the status/health of every network device, port, and application to ensure it is online (IP, FTP, and ISP pings).
    • It should also monitor the HTTP health of the web page interface of cameras to ensure uninterrupted remote access (HTTP pings) and track camera latency.
  • Analyse: Correctly identify the root cause of the network/ connection issue for the correct resolution.
  • Report: Instantly notify stakeholders if a device or application suffers network issues for a prompt response.

  • CheckMyCCTV™ provides real-time network health monitoring, automated and immediate notifications to stakeholders, and allows prompt response remotely or by support engineers. For more information on security solutions that prevent network problems from crippling your surveillance security, contact our security consultants at Technovission.

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