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The Importance of Surveillance Security:

Technology is an integral part of every Business in 2020, from simple tasks like keeping communication lines always open with our Customers to complex systems like automated Billing has been made readily available to us. Technology has undoubtedly made our lives efficient and has allowed businesses to become self-sustainable and operate with minimum administrative work.

With the rise of technology and the rise of Data collected, Security is one of the highest priorities. Highly sensitive information, including Banking details, Customers Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, are of utmost importance for a business to keep under tight control, and they usually are.

But what about Inventory, Warehousing, and the Stocks kept in warehouses?

They are usually the High-value targets, a report from Business Insider states :

‘Walmarts US business would have lost more than $4 billion last year to theft and other related losses’

A similar report from Factly, states some shocking facts about theft in India:

“The total value of stolen property in 2017 was Rs. 5002.5 crores and Rs. 9733.1 crores in 2016.”

It’s a great thing that we have CCTV surveillance systems in place to track and probably recover the lost/stolen items. But, what if the Surveillance system you rely on wasn’t working, improperly calibrated, Incorrectly configured in the first place?

Here is where Surveillance Security Architects and consultants come to Audit your complete infrastructure and provide the best recommendations on designing your CCTV infrastructure to match your needs and based on your Future security needs.

Right after you have installed the Security equipment and have the Surveillance systems up and running, you might have a False sense of relief that now everything is Secure. Little did you realize that every piece of technology requires Maintenance and check-ups, REGULARLY, to make sure everything is working correctly.

Here are a few things that you should know about when it comes to CCTV Maintenance.

The CCTV Maintenance Checklist:

  • Camera Angle changes.
  • Camera View check.
  • Connectivity Check.
  • Device failures Check.
  • Image Integrity Check.
  • Recording Issues.
  • Time & Date accuracy Check.

The list, as mentioned above, is not where CCTV Maintenance Checks end. You may not be able to predict so many other issues, let alone have a Robust system to monitor. You would also need to have a Human resource whose sole purpose would be to ensure that the systems are functioning.

In this COVID-affected world, adding another cost to your operations is going to be a tough pill to swallow. What if there was a CCTV Maintenance and Monitoring system designed to be compatible with your existing CCTV infrastructure with a plug and play module but also be able to reduce your cost by upto 60%? Would you consider it?

How Often Should you Audit your CCTV Infrastructure:

CCTV Surveillance Maintenance Audits are labor-intensive and also a Costly affair when done periodically and on a schedule. Though effective, it might become “Just another drill” if the CCTV Infrastructure in place does not have any issues to detect at all.

The current CCTV Surveillance Maintenance model is a preemptive measure, but detecting and fixing the issues is more of a reactive approach. Can you really tell when a CCTV system stopped working? What if there was a Crime, and analyzing footage of the Crime reveals that the CCTV system wasn’t working when it was supposed to, and the Scheduled CCTV Maintenance drive was not until another week?

How can a business measure these losses? We can’t always blame “Human-error,” can we?

Why should you not take CCTV Maintenance lightly?

Damage to assets:

A non-functional CCTV system will provide no benefit when investigating issues related to Damage of Goods and Assets. If you have inventory stocks, then your Warehouses are prone to damage of Goods, and finding the cause of the issue can be equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. But the confidence of having a CCTV System always working would help you pinpoint the various problems that might lead to making changes to your Warehouse infrastructure to reduce the issue.

Victim of Vandalism:

An Indian Express article states: “Rising vehicle vandalism cases pose a major challenge to Cops.”

Indian monuments, for example, often beautiful, are the most vulnerable to vandalism, and various reports are stating that vandalism is a growing problem in India. A few years ago, A group of men was caught on camera pushing down several pillars from a Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO as a heritage site. Imagine not having a CCTV system working at that time?

Hampi is a globally recognized architectural Marvel. Despite this, preservation of such historical marvels are a task due to the lurking vandals on the loose.

You might be a victim to constant vandalism that adds to the complexity of your already stressed Work-life.

Most importantly, Reputational Loss for your Organization:

Every issue that you might come across can never match the Reputational loss your establishment might face. Handling and Maintaining the Image of a brand is always holistic and inclusive of all wings within the corporate structure.

Imagine possessing imported expensive equipment required for a crucial project in the company. Still, they are subjected to damage or constant vandalism with the equipment, which continually adds to your pressures of not delivering the project on time, in turn hurting the reputation of your company.

No establishment wants to go through a media frenzy when a particular unwarranted incident occurs on their premises but cannot investigate and find the solution to the problem because their CCTV systems were not working correctly.

The Real-Time CCTV Maintenance Checking system.

To prevent these scenarios and make sure your CCTV infrastructure is always working and ensure the Maintenance & Monitoring tasks are done on-the-go we need a real-time CCTV Monitoring System that can give us Notifications whenever a System goes down, Hardware failure, Falls out of the Network, Storage is full or simply not-reachable, etc.

Technovission, in collaboration with CheckMySystems, brought the CheckMyCCTV System to the Indian Surveillance Market. With our Experience in the Domain for over two decades and with our “REAL-TIME” CCTV Monitoring and Maintenance Software with Real-time Notifications, you can rest assured that your Surveillance equipment is working when they are supposed to.

Here are a few advantages to have CheckMyCCTV in your Security Surveillance Suite

Lean Integration:

With integrated cloud and on-prem agent services, avoid expensive servers, tedious software installations, hardware failures, and data loss.

Device Agnostic:

Integrates, detects, and inventories all IP Cameras, Storage devices, along with servers that connect to your site location network topology.

Remote Monitoring:

Proactively Manage incidents with advanced monitoring command centers.

Customizable and Scalable:

Build a security solution tailored to the best value: Plug & Play or start from scratch. Grow as big or as small.

Integrated systems:

Smart surveillance management with end-to-end integrated solutions.

Robust Reporting:

On-Demand, event-triggered, and automated reporting for a clearer picture of your operations.

Always on and Reliable:

Powerful device health management, failsafe recording, and downtime protection.

Return on Surveillance investment:

Security solutions that maximize benefits and safety on Investment. Zero setup costs, Pay-as-you-go pricing, to start offering your customers 24/7 systems checks.

Why should you choose Technovission and CheckMyCCTV for your business?

Detect connection issues.

Reports when the connection to the CCTV system fails or the system goes offline.

Detect Camera failures.

Detects if a camera has developed a fault or is tampered with.

Detect Image integrity issues.

Detects if the camera images are too bright or dark, out of focus, or out of alignment.

Detect Hard Disk Failures.

Detects hard disks failures or if it stops recording

Detect Recording Issues.

Reports if the system is recording for less than the expected duration.

Time & Date Inaccuracy

Reports when the time is incorrect or tampered with.

And many more.

Contact Us to discuss integration, NOW!

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