We are a company of cross-functional experts with over 25 years of multi-industry experience in global operations management. We excel in project management and have a proven track record of successfully delivering turnkey projects for our clients across Australia, the United Kingdom, Asia, India, and the United States of America.

Our expertise to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost to business over time; has helped to improve the top-line growths by 20% and created a 10X growth (30 to 300 stores) for a US retail wireless franchise in just 3 years are few to mention.

TechnovisSion is a technology-driven company that evolved from the synergies of our consultancy prowess and technology passion. Over time, we have earned a reputation for transcending service and ethos. As founders, we seek to build on our reputation and TechnovisSion to be recognized for delivering above-and-beyond Service to satisfy market needs.

Our primary goal and core competency: Proactive, Predictive, Preventative

What sets us apart?

Security threats come in many forms, are hybrid in nature, and test system defenses from multiple points of attack. Your security solution needs to be robust and prepared with adequate contingency protocols to mitigate risk and avoid security compromise.Drawing from decades of cross-industry project experience and studying industry-specific scenarios, our R&D department develops comprehensive security solutions that protect your business assets from all angles. We provide cross-spectrum security—physical, cyber, network, and virtual security are all part of our portfolio.

We handle the A-Z of security.

Our quality audit and quality assurance teams implement and systemically update maker-checker policies for high-quality project delivery.We are also committed to building our own training center of excellence dedicated to the surveillance domain—our team has trained 2000+ operators in various industrial exposure training.

Our integrated security solutions are end-to-end and 360-degree. We closely collaborate with clients to customize solutions and run them on-premise, on the cloud, or in a hybrid configuration. We also design and develop tailored solutions based on our existing proprietary technologies to address specific business-critical requirements.Build a package that is the best value for your business. Our solutions can be customized or tailored to align with your security needs.

By collaborating with consulting teams,product engineering and support services to work seamlessly and produce state-of-the-art security solutions—all under the aegis of TechnoVission, translates into the ability to price solutions competitively for your business and offer increased savings. Our range of product and service offerings is considerably more economic than comparable services from our competitors.

Our advanced analytics unveils critical business-relevant data that help streamline strategy, identify revenue streams, and promote business growth. We are proficient in creating business solutions by analyzing surveillance information and existing operational models. We are not just your security partners; we are your business consultants as well.

Exceptional service is the cornerstone of our business model and we understand its importance especially after project delivery.Our centralized command centers and live-monitoring stations integrate with highly efficient AI-driven event-triggering and ticketing systems for immediate response times. Our emergency response teams liaise with public emergency services to provide critical support during exigencies.

Obsessed with service improvement, we diligently engage our customers and continuously seek feedback with customer experience portals and mobile applications.

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